Patrick Galbraith

Web developer - Adelaide, Australia

The Wasp Nest

Short little film I shot with my brother which he edited. Fortunately the wasp weren’t fussed at all about us filming them. Shot on the Canon 5D MKII with the Canon 90mm TS-E lens + extension tubes. Music by Aphex Twin from Drukqs (2001)

NEONOIR Catalog Shoot

Photos I did for NEONOIR catalog for PaulGStudios. Model is Emily K. View the Neonoir collection on the PaulGStudios website or at

Patient 37 EP

Last year I worked on the album art for my friend Zach’s band The Crossbars. The whole concept was inspired by old movie posters. View the album art and download the EP at The Patient 37 Minisite.


Photos I did for NEONOIR ad for PaulGStudios to be in Sept/Oct 2010 edition of Jewellery World Magazine. The model is Emily K.

Venusfir Website

Worked with Leigh to update the Venusfir website.

Just Hungry Redesign

Had a few hours spare one weekend so I thought it would be fun to redesign one of my favourite websites.

In the Jungle of Cities

Promotional poster for ACARTS production of “In the Jungle of Cities”. The idea was based on communist propaganda posters combining the concept of the worker, the city, and of wealth/greed.   Process     Backdrop designs for projection during the production.  


Flash app that randomly generates a collage from a series of vectors. Download collaGen_v1-2

Chrono Trigger ZSnes Save Editor 6

Chrono Trigger Save State Editor (SSE) v1.0.1 (29/06/2006) Download Created for and tested with ZSnes Save State v0.6. If you are using any other version you will be alerted upon loading a file. The program was tested on Windows XP SP2 and created with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. How to use To use this program […]