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Chrono Trigger ZSnes Save Editor 3

Chrono Trigger Save State Editor (SSE) v1.0.1 (29/06/2006) Download

Created for and tested with ZSnes Save State v0.6. If you are using any other version you will be alerted upon loading a file.

The program was tested on Windows XP SP2 and created with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

How to use

To use this program download ZSnes Emulator and a Chrono Trigger Rom. Save the state with Zsnes and then open the save file with the save state editor. Once you have finished editing the file load the save state with ZSnes.

COMDLG32.OCX Error in Vista or Windows 7

Right click on the “Chrono Trigger SSE 1.0.1.exe” and select “Run as Administrator”.

About Saving and Loading States in ZSnes

Save State:

Perform: Saves the state (equivalent to default F2), but asks user for confirmation first. State files (.zst, .zs1, .zs2, etc.) are saved to your ROM directory (or your save directory if you have one defined). Each save state file requires about 268KB of disk space.

Load State:

Perform: Loads the state (equivalent to default F4), but asks user for confirmation first.

Pick State:

Perform: Allows user to select the state position to use (equivalent to default F3).

Excerpt taken from Zsnes Documentation v1.43 Available online at

Known Issues

– The item editor only allows the editing of the first 35 slots. My advice is to replace some of the items in these slots with ones that you want.

– If the characters name contains anything other than digits (0-9) and characters (a-z, A-Z), then these characters will be replaced with blank spaces ( ).

The Battle Editor

The battle editor is disabled by default because it only works when the state is saved during a battle. At all other times it produces strange results. To enable the battle editor check the box next to the “Enable battle editor” label.

If the battle editor is enabled these settings will be saved to the save state. Otherwise if the battle editor is disabled these settings won’t be saved.


The_Fake_God for his tutorial on creating save state editors.

UgeTab for many of the offsets. (

CCV2k and ACE also for offsets. (

Terii Senshi, and DCatellier for their save state hacking guides. (,


Thats it, have fun.

Download: Chrono Trigger Save State Editor (SSE) v1.0.1 (29/06/2006)


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  1. Nick said

    I cant seem to get this to work with the latest zsnes

    • Hi Nick,
      Can’t really help you there this post was written 7 years ago.
      I’m not sure I even have the source code any more for this project.

  2. zack said


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