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Zombicide #2 32

How to print the ultimate spawn card deck



Download all the finished files including the cards from Zombicide and all current expansions.
Plus custom spawn cards and photoshop templates.




See the original post Zombicide How to print the ultimate custom equipment deck.

In this follow up post I will look at how I created my custom Zombicide spawn card deck. First of all building the spawn card deck is a little trickier for two reasons. First is that I couldn’t find a digital source of all the cards such as the companion app that I used for the equipment deck. Secondly because each spawn card is uniquely numbered and there are 144 of them.

Guillotine Games has released high-res spawn card templates. However the cards are essentially blank. Not being one to give up that easily I decided there had to be a way to generate the spawn cards if I had all the card data. Fortunately are some digging online and cross checking with my own sets I managed to put together a spreadsheet containing all the data (this is included in the download).

Generating the images

Photoshop has a undocumented feature called Variables & Data Sets. This allows you to define layers as variables of two types. There are text replacement layers which will replace the text in the layer with the text in the data set, and there are visibility layers that will be visible or invisible based on the data. As you can see in the image below I created a spawn card template with all the layer variables defined. Then it was just a matter of writing a simple program to translate the source data found in the spreadsheet into a data set that Photoshop could use which you can see a sample of below.


With the setup finished all 144 spawn card were generated based on the data set. The only issue was that the card number found in the top right was not on an angle and prefixed with the hash (#) symbol. I fixed that by using a custom Photoshop action which rotated the layer then aligned the hash icon to the left of the layer and then pushed it left a bit. You can see an example of the final cards below.


I printed my deck through PrinterStudio which for a 160 card deck came to $10.76. This gave me 16 cards to use for custom cards after re-printing all the base cards. I build some nasty custom cards based on the Hell On Earth set by WakkaWakkatronic I found these are a great way to mix up the game. How about spawning 15 walkers, or 8 runners at once! I also made some custom Lost Zombivor spawn cards which means I can play with the new Lost Zombivor rules. Both custom sets are included in the download.

Here is the deck type I used The great thing is that once you have reprinted the base sets it is easy to print additional custom cards at the same size.

The finished product


Download all the finished spawn card files from Zombicide and all current expansions.
Plus custom spawn cards and photoshop templates.





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  1. Balage said

    do you plan to update this pack to contain the spawn (and maybe equipment) cards from the last KS campaign?

    S3: Rue Morgue #145 – #192
    Angry Neighbours #193 – #204
    Lost Zombivors #205 – #210
    VIP #1 #211 – #222
    VIP #2 #223 – #234
    Murder of Crowz #235 – #246

    • Boy Jones said

      The Zombicide app is not updated yet. That’s his source for the images.

  2. Balage said

    not for the spawn cards

  3. Hello Patrick,

    Love the idea of creating your own decks. I have orderd a custom equipment deck already. :)

    However the links to download the spawn cards dosent work for me. Is this something you can fix? :) Would love to create a custom spawn deck as well

  4. Andy said

    Hi Patrick,
    really great idea and really great work..

    i’m sorry but the link to download spawn cards doesn’t work. Please fix it i’ll really appreciate.

    Best regards.

    • The old link still works for me but I have added a mirror so try that if it still doesn’t work.

  5. Matias said

    Hi ! thanks for everything , thanks to you now me and my friends enjoy a great game!
    I hope some day someone uploads the season 3! we are very eager for it.

  6. Gilson said

    Just waiting for the S3 updated customs :D

  7. Ryan said

    Hi Patrick. Using your photoshop template I’ve been working on an app in unity to programmatically generate the cards and allow for easy spawn deck customisation. I’m having trouble programatically making the colored backgrounds, and as a result they currently make up about 75% of the build size.

    Here is a link to the reddit conversation:

    If you have any insight into the problem as the maker of the template I’d value your input

  8. Ben said

    This is amazing. Shame it wasn’t updated with season 3 or Black Plague. The only two I own :-(

  9. Hey Everyone,

    Not sure if I’ll have time to update the cards. But I have exported the assets from the latest version of the app which you can get here!GdplTI7R!u0-vcTB8eQKKlhVY4Ytn7tHHnOd240HoPDKkK5JPTAc

  10. Shawn said

    Awesome job!
    I was looking at the Angry Zombies and it appears that the wrong cards made in into that file folder. It has Berserker Zombies in there.

    The reason I ask is because I AM one of the berzerkers. I’m the one with the long trenchcoat and would love to get more spawn cards for those.

    Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Vebryn said

    Hi Shawn,

    I think you’re looking for Angry Neighbor spawn cards. Angry Zombies are berserkers. They came with Zombicide season 2. I made seekers spawn cards thanks to Patrick assets and Photoshop template. You can get here

  12. Gooombay said

    Thanks for the seekers Very, I appreciate it. Any chance you have done any of the other missing cards, like Murder of Crowz?

  13. Gooombay said

    I am attempting to make the rest of the missing cards. So far I have done Murder of Crowz! and VIP #1. I haven’ printed them yet, or had anyone double check them. If someone wants them let me know and I can try to post them somewhere, though it would be nice if someone would double check them for me before posting a link here. Let me know if anyone is interested I guess. Thanks for the resources.

  14. Gooombay said

    Decided to post a link, use at your own risk since they haven’t been double checked. Feel free to let me know of any errors. This should include Murder of Crowz, VIP 1 & 2, Rue Morgue and Lost Zombivors. Thanks again for the assets.!D5ZhVTqB!bJj6N2yqv9bssd-vqPf_OPnLpbyQBPjRjYGsSlStn9o

  15. Vebryn said

    Hi, great job! Font seems different. I personally prefer HelveticaNeue as zombies counter font. Spawn deck 1 provides custom Lost Zombivors. Your LZ looks better :)

  16. Gooombay said

    Yeah, font may be off, but I’m leaving it, that took a while and I’m happy enough with it. I learned some photoshop stuff partway through that would have helped. I did save a new. Psd file with all the new layers, let me know if you want it.

  17. Ben said

    Will you be updating the database with Black Plague?

    • The assets are from the mobile app so I guess if they update the app to support Black Plague then sure.

      • Seb said


        There is now an companion App for Black Plague, do you think, you can update the database for the cards with the Spawncards from BP?

        Thank you!

  18. S-Doraemon said

    Hi Patrick. Thanks a lot for posting those materials. Thanks to you, i can have my own Zombicide series. That is awsome. But i have found that the zombie card 181 ( Rue Morgue ) is wrong. It must be like the 182. Can you please check it again Patrick ! Thank you.

  19. Hello, Patrick! I’m writing to the first post on your blog. I recently discovered your plugin for WordPress. Tell me, please, does it create an additional load on the server? Did you abandon his design? In any case, thanks for your work!

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  21. Tyfighter77 said

    Patrick, any chance you could release an updated version of the photoshop spawn template that includes the crowz, VIP and zombivors? I realize the individual graphics are included in the extracted assets, but it looks like the Zombivor cards (at least) have a different numeral font, and I’m not confident I can eyeball the correct background and icon recolors. Thanks for all you’re work, you’ve created an incredible resource, I mean that sincerely.

  22. Frederik said

    Hi Patrick!

    I know this post hasn’t got a lot of comments lately but I was wondering if you had the high resolution files for the spawn cards for anything past Angry Zombies? I saw them on your database but they turned out to be smaller than the others from your set over here.

    I saw that Vebryn had made seekers (Angry Neighbors) cards. the file is unavailable at the moment.
    I also saw that Gooombay had made the cards for Murder of Crowz, VIP 1 & 2, Rue Morgue and Lost Zombivors, but again the file is unavailable.

    If you still have them and could update the file, that would be amazing.

  23. Frederik said

    By the way. a BIG THANK YOU for all the work you already done on these :)

  24. zombie2 said

    Hello Mate Frederik!

    check his github profile.

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